About Me (Brittany)

“Never let waiting become a habit. Travel the world, take risks and live the adventurous life you dream about. Life is happening now and it’s not waiting for anyone.”

I’m Brittany, a 27 year old aviation analyst. I have what many would consider an ideal situation. I live in Washington DC, I get to work remote 2 days a week for a job that I enjoy and am generously compensated for, but to me there is something missing. A passion that lacks in the day-to-day, a general thirst for life that seems to slip further away as I continue in this mundane rat race.

 For so long I have been driven by society’s opinion of success, a successful career, a successful relationship which would lead to a successful family, and a successful paycheck. Every decision I have made until this point has been an attempt to get me to a societal trifecta of the perfect successful life.

New Year’s Day 2016 I woke up incredibly hungover and realized I was unhappy. It was in part because I had my heart-broken a few weeks prior, but I also realized I hadn’t done any of the amazing things I always dreamed about, like travel. I had kept waiting to be in a relationship, or get friends to organize and plan a trip….of course all the plans always fell through as people flaked out. So there was I, hungover and alone, and the only thing I wanted to do was escape.  With that I began to look at options and 2 days of research and obsessive over analyzing I took a leap of faith. I booked, with shaking hands, a trip to Iceland for the last week of January…by myself. Once I hit purchase all the anxiety of should or shouldn’t I was gone, the only feeling I had left was excitement.  The trip to Iceland was amazing and eye-opening.  Exposing yourself to different cultures and experiences changes you in the best possible way. I came home a different person, a better person. The only thing I knew was I needed another trip. I booked another solo trip for June, to conquer The Yacht Week .

It was 6 am in Vis, Croatia. Not having gone to bed yet, I laid on the net on the bow of our catamaran, watching the sun come up with friends, listening to the sounds of the sails flap in the wind. I took a deep breath and took it all in; to understand the gravity and beauty of the situation I was in. The clarity you gain from moments like that are few and far between in life, and it became clear this is what made me happy. To be exploring the world, to be meeting people who you feel like you have known for years, and to actually do all the things I daydream about while sitting in my cubicle at work. That moment I watched the sun come up with friends I now view as family is what life is meant to be, and my life of just going mindlessly into an office to keep a high paying job was not going to grant me the life I want to live.

When I got home from Croatia I knew I had to make some significant changes. I set out to really figure out what I wanted and how could I make that happen. I know now I want to live abroad, and see the world.  Unfortunately, I have not yet figured out how to make this happen.

Tatiana and I started this blog because we want to help people on this same quest. To know it is not all rainbows, wine, and attractive men with accents.  That this is life and it is hard, and you will take leaps of faith, and things might not work out, but if it is your dream it is worth it all! So follow us on our journey as we navigate through life. Trying to find the means to make our dreams come true, and the travels and adventures we experience along the way. Follow us as we live a life with a fernweh soul.

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