About Me (Tatiana)

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go.  I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Hi there, I’m Tatiana!  Born and raised in the Toronto area, I was your average 20-year-old happily going through my life plan.  I grew up knowing my future meant high school, university, grad school, and career.  I graduated high school, went to university, got my degree in Life Sciences, and           ? It was pretty much at that point that I hit a wall – what happened after the and?  I had finished my degree in a program that I didn’t enjoy, with no masters programs of interest to me, and getting a full-time job with the degree I had seemed impossible.  Like plenty of the other seniors around me, I felt lost and unsure of my next steps.  I was at a point where none of my options excited me; there was nothing I felt passionate about.

I had always loved the idea of packing up and going to far off places.  I grew up dreaming of Paris and Morocco, of Nepal and Bali – I wanted to go everywhere.  At this point in my life, my traveling experiences were fairly limited.  I had gone on a very rushed school trip through France and Italy and on an incredible trip with my best friend through the Greek islands.  It was in Greece that I got my first taste of what it felt like to follow my wanderlust.  It opened up this whole new sense of freedom and discovery and it gave me a window into what it felt like to be completely me, no restrictions.

So as graduation got closer, I focused on finding a way to take a year abroad before I had to figure out the next step in my life track.   I researched a few options and eventually settled on au pairing in Dublin for the year.  It gave me the opportunity to move somewhere new and still travel around Europe in a way that I could afford at the time.  It was the most amazing experience; it was a year where I can honestly say I grew into the best version of me.  The travel bug I caught in Greece officially turned into a soul-deep yearning for faraway places.

Now at 23, I’ve tried going back to school and I’ve tried the 9 to 5 office job – I haven’t been able to shake this need to move.  So I’ve packed my bags again and I’m ready to start my next adventure

So why did I want to start writing this blog?

To meet other people like me!

The people I meet abroad are one of the best parts of traveling.  They’re the people with the restless feet and that undeniable thirst for travel.  There’s such a sense of kinship and like-mindedness. It makes the friendships made over a couple of days feel stronger than friendships you’ve had for years (Brit and I are a perfect example!).

To hopefully inspire other people to take the leap.

It’s easy to come up with so many reasons why you can’t and so many people who are more than happy to remind you why you shouldn’t.  It’s difficult to take that step back and focus on yourself and what you need.

To show the different ways you can travel.

Personally, I love to live in a new city.  As much as I love visiting different places for small bits of time (and I do love it!), what I find most fulfilling is settling down for a couple of months or a year in a new city.  That process of finding your go-to Thai place or the café that serves the best Americano; making new friends and discovering a new culture.   I love when I stop feeling like a visitor and start to feel at home.  When I do make shorter trips, I love staying in hostels and prefer them to hotels or Airbnb.  Since I do most of my traveling solo, they’re an amazing way to meet other people!

To show other women that traveling solo is one of the most liberating, self-confidence boosting, and exciting ways to travel.

I do virtually all my traveling by myself (I’m hardly ever joined by friends and family) and I absolutely love it.  It’s made me a much more open and sociable person and so much more comfortable with myself.  If you told me when I was 16 (or even 18!) that I was going on a trip alone, I would have been terrified.  Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To share my experiences.

I love talking about traveling.  So much so that I’m sure my friends and family are getting sick of my stories.  I’m hoping to use this blog to share the good and the bad of the places I’ve been – the amazing hostel I stayed in at Berlin, or the amazing restaurant I stumbled upon in Lisbon.  I want you to love these cities as much as I do and to share whatever information I have to help!

I’m so excited to start this blog, and so happy to be sharing this experience with Brittany.  Join us on our adventure as we share our highs and lows of living with a fernweh soul.


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