Sweet on Paris – An Ode to the Boulangerie

“I’m not a vegetarian! I’m a dessertarian!” – Bill Waterson, Calvin & Hobbes

I’ll admit it. I have a sweet tooth. If you ask any of my friends and family, they would probably say that a sweet tooth is putting it lightly. A sweet addiction maybe. I can’t help it! Desserts are these magical things that look too beautiful to eat and are like pure heaven in your mouth once you do.

Paris is a sweet lovers dream. Every other store seems to be a boulangerie or a patisserie with the most incredible smells coming from them. I’m like a cartoon character blindly following her nose to the pie in the window. Although instead of pie it’s an entire shop filled with freshly baked pastries. Perfectly flaky croissants, deliciously airy macarons, scrumptiously tart chaussons aux pommes, irresistibly creamy eclairs, and so many others I haven’t even learned the names of yet.

The French term for window-shopping is ‘faire du lèche-vitrine’, which literally translates as ‘to lick the window’. I think this was meant for pastries in shop windows because that’s pretty much how I feel as I stare into the display, face pressed against the glass, drooling at the sight of the prettiest pastries I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The Croissant

The croissants! Paris means croissants.  You have the classic butter croissant, the almond croissant, the pain au chocolat, and the famous Pierre Herme Ispahan croissant. Words cannot describe my love for every single one of these (probably because I can get away with eating them for breakfast).


The Macaron

The very chic macaron is a Paris staple for a reason. The first bite into the most delicate crust of a cookie that tastes so perfectly light before leading to the creamy filling of the most incredible flavors. Can you hear the angels singing? I’m partial to the salted caramel although I don’t think there’s a single macaron flavor I wouldn’t eat. The macarons in the picture are from the very famous Ladurée. Let’s just say, I bought a box of six and it’s a miracle I managed to get a picture of four of them.


The Éclair

This is probably my favourite dessert on the planet. There’s something about the simple choux pastry balanced perfectly with the light sweetness of the cream filling and chocolate ganache. It’s nothing short of phenomenal. Paris has these shops called l’Éclair de Génie and it’s an éclair-lovers sanctuary. This place is filled with éclairs that look like works of art and have the most interesting flavours! 


That’s just three of the treats I’m getting over here. This doesn’t even include the montblanc, the mille-feuille, the palmier, profiteroles, tarts, crepes, beignets, brioche, financiers, madeleines, and all the ones I’m forgetting. This city has the best of the best when it comes to pastries and, while it may be a tough job, I’m willing to make the sacrifice and spend the next year finding the best. One taste test at a time.

Ciao for now!


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