Keep Your Gin Up: Things I learned at a History of Gin tasting by Fords Gin

“According to scientists gin IS a solution” – Anonymous

The first thing I learned upon arrival to England is that the Brits sure do love their gin. As I am typically a whiskey girl, I don’t know anything about gin so I thought the best way to learn is at a gin tasting. I mean getting drunk while learning is clearly my form of education!IMG_20180523_185333

Fords Gin hosted a “History of Gin” tasting at the Mulwary cocktail bar in Soho. Tickets are only £10 and you start with a free full cocktail, get to taste 5 cocktails (shot size), and finish with full cocktail, so it was an amazing deal. Throughout the event you learned about how gin got its start and evolved over time.


Here are my top takeaways from the event:

  • The word cocktail comes from England
  • Gin’s popularity seems directly correlated to how popular cocktails are at the time
  • The word punch comes from the Hindustani word Panch meaning 5 because you need 5 ingredients for it to be considered a punch
  • The Tom Collins was invented in England and was originally called the John Collins
  • Bathtub gin was a form of gin made in America during the prohibition and was not actually made in a bathtub (somewhat disappointed)
  • Gin apparently goes with everything and very delicious (why have I not been drinking more of this)

and finally …

  • If you came straight from work and didn’t eat before the tasting by the end you are feeling great!

All in all this was an amazing event. It was short and sweet only lasting about an hour, and the entire time everyone is drinking and having fun. Plus, it’s a great price and worth the money.  It’s a great date idea and a nice break from the traditional happy hour after work.

Upcoming dates and tickets can be found at


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