It’s the Wild Wild West Y’all!

“There is a little bit of cowboy and cowgirl in everyone” –

I moved all the way from Texas to end up in a Wild West themed bar in London. But it didn’t disappoint. The idea is that you are at an old timey saloon and helping the bar make illegal moonshine while hiding it from the sheriff and other patrons of the bar.

The bar transports you back into time, they provide you with a cowboy hat, and a big western style shirt. There are actors in the bar that interact with you throughout the night. You can gamble with them playing cards, and dice all while being questioned by the big mean sheriff.

Here are my thoughts on the saloon overall:

  • It was a lot of fun and a good laugh
  • Little annoying you have to provide your own bottle of alcohol
  • That being said the bartenders killed it making amazing cocktails with the booze
  • The actors did a great job playing the part
  • As a southern girl, their accents were very funny
  • I don’t really know where in the west they were haha… One minute there was the west, next minute they were talking about gators. I tried to ask questions but again being from south it was more just funny to try and figure it out.
  • The bar looked amazing and the wardrobe was fun to wear

I think overall it was so much fun, and they did an amazing job. I would recommend it anyone looking for a fun different night out.

Tickets can be found


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