Apparently I love a good themed bar, and this one so far has been my favourite. For King and Country is a WWII immersive bar experience. The idea is you and a group of people go down into a basement to be the designated survivors while parliament is meeting for an emergency session in December 1940. While you are exploring the bunker you are informed that parliament was attacked and you now have to run the country and the war from this bunker. You form a parliament within the group elect specific members to party like Prime Minister and Press secretary. The rest of the time there you vote on different plans of action and carry out missions and talks depending on which department you go with.

The entire night really does depend on who you go with. We thought it was more fun to elect the drunkest person in the room as our Prime Minister so it was rather entertaining.

Overall thoughts from For King and Country:

  • As an American I was not a trusted member of the British Parliament haha
  • I don’t know enough about WWII
  • Always elect the drunk person, its far more entertaining


It was very fun, and I can’t give away all the fun missions and ending but you’ll just have to go and see for yourself.



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