About Us

Wanderlust is universal.  Age, gender, education, culture, none of it matters when you meet someone else with that same passion for travel.  There’s a shared connection that goes beyond all of it and an instant recognition that makes you feel at home with strangers.  We are a great example of this.

We are Brittany & Tatiana! Brittany, a 27 year old American & Tatiana, a 23 year old Canadian.  We got to know each other over one week in Croatia where we ended up on the same boat for Yacht Week.  It was only a short time but it immediately felt like a lifelong friendship.

We are both at different stages in our lives and as such, face different choices, opportunities, and roadblocks when it comes to how we fulfill our fernweh.  Our vision with this blog is to share our very different journeys to the same dream.